Do you want to save yourself from financial embarrassment in paying for a healthcare exigency, settle an outstanding debt, or just want to be in total control of your finances?

A car title loan from us is in place to help you have the money you need, get an approval in just 15 minutes and have your cash in just one hour! Just use our one-time online application, or get in contact with one of our loan agents through a phone call.

If California is your state of residence and you own a vehicle with a wholesale value of at least $2,600, you are guaranteed of getting a loan of $2600 or more, within some minutes, perhaps you even have bad credit! You are also disposed to keeping and driving your vehicle while paying back the loan.

For our customers residing in Arizona and New Mexico, we have in place for you a minimum loan of $1,000 for a vehicle with the value of at least $2,000. Do you still have questions bothering your mind?

Just continue reading or visit our comprehensive FAQ section and our page on how title loans work to obtain the needed answers to your questions. If you are disposed to a more direct approach, our warm staff is always there to help.

We can be found in many different locations in California, New Mexico, and Arizona. For a full list of the regions and cities that our operations cover, visit our locations page.  We have been providing our customers with the best rates on auto title loans for more than 20 years.

We know that paying for college fees, healthcare exigency, and some other important issues can be challenging occasionally. For these reasons, we are here to render the needed assistance to you during such times. A car title loan from us will help you a lot.

How Do Car Title Loans Work?

It is simple! For over 20 years, our commitment is to make our loan application process simple, fast and free of hassle. The amount of loan is a function of your state of residence; therefore if you have a car, truck or van worth at least $4,000 in wholesale value in California, you can obtain a loan of $2,600 to $50,000 while using the title of your car as collateral.

Arizona and New Mexico residents must have a vehicle with a wholesale value of at least $2,000, for a loan of $1,000 minimum. The verification of collateral allows us to issue out quality loans to those with poor credit score.

If you apply now, you will get your notice of approval in just 15 minutes! After the approval, we work with you to decide the terms and rates that can suit you. We normally place our loans terms from 24 to 36 months and there are no prepayment penalties, you are permitted to pay off your loan much earlier without any added fees!

The only requirement is the title of your car; you are also allowed to drive your vehicle during the period of the loan repayment. When the loan is totally repaid, your title is promptly returned to you. That is it!

Auto Title Loans Made Easy

Our loan application process is fast, easy, and convenient unlike in some other institutions where the process is usually time-consuming, perplexing, and stressful. Kindly apply for our loans today and take full advantage of our unique benefits:

The application takes only a few seconds, approval is secured in just 15 minutes and you receive your cash in just an hour.

We have 3 different easy ways to apply: Online, on phone or through Chat

We issue out the highest amount of money as loan up to $50,000

No hidden fees or prepayment penalties, therefore you can pay your loan whenever you want

You have the obligation to keep and drive your vehicle while repaying your loan

Use Your Money How You Want!

Use the money for whatever you want! We are quite different from other companies; we won’t supervise what you spend your money on.  As a lending institution, we always respect the privacy of our customers, so you have the right to spend the money the way you are pleased.

Some of our customers use it in paying school fees, covering health care expenses, home repairs while others use it to enjoy vacations! The choice is yours. We only care about you and we are committed to helping you when you need financial assistance, it is not in our tradition to manage your checkbook.

Your Trusted Title Loan Lender Since 1994

Our headquarters is in Los Angeles, we are a licensed lender providing auto title loans to the residents of the states of California, New Mexico, and Arizona. We are ranked   A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for our awesome customer support, service and trustworthiness.

We are not just a lending company; we are in the business to help those in financial need. We know that times can be hard but we are here to provide a shoulder you can always lean on in times of financial need. We are willing to help you with the money you might need by using the value of your vehicle.

Just find out what makes us the most trusted and dependable name in the title lending industry. Kindly apply online by filling out our simple application form or call us to know how much you can be granted as a loan.

A Fast Car Title Loans

You can apply online for a title loan by filling out our easy application form. It will only take a few seconds! Once it is submitted, we will get in touch with you to inform you whether your application has been approved or not. Once you have been approved, we will request for the necessary documents to finalize your loan application.

You should always know that no credit or bad credit is not a yardstick when you apply for a title loan, so you don’t have to be apprehensive about being turned down because of a low credit score.  You can apply with the help of our customer service team; you can also call us, or come in person to one of our offices near you, or chat with us online.

Keep in mind our two most important requirements to be eligible for a car title loan:

You have a car that is worth at least $4,000 if you are applying in California or $2,000 if you are applying in New Mexico and Arizona.

You must demonstrate a proof of monthly income of at least $1,200. We do accept paychecks, bank statements, disability, unemployment, and social security.

Kindly visit our page on how title loans work to know more about our loan approval guidelines.

Refinancing Application

In case you find the option of refinancing your title loan fascinating, simply apply or contact us today to refinance your car title loan in California, New Mexico, and Arizona. We are committed to offering you  bigger amount of money as a loan with better interest rates and terms either you are currently with a title loan with us or with a different company.

May be you are stuck with a loan that you are facing an uphill task paying off, it doesn’t offer enough money, or is issued by a company that doesn’t put your needs into consideration? Refinancing with us is the perfect option for you! We have better rates and terms that will beat your imagination in addition to the awesome customer service we have in place, no other company comes close to us in this field.

Fill out our refinancing application or call us to take advantage of your options. We are passionate about you getting the best out of your title loan, so try refinancing today!

How Title Loans Work

Car title loan, also known as auto title loan, or pink slip loan, it is the use of the title of your vehicle as collateral for the loan. This means you can have a bad credit history because the money we loan out, as done in any other kind of collateral loan, is basically determined by the value of your car, truck or van and not your credit history.

When you decide to take out a car title loan from us, you place A Car Title Loan as a “lien holder” on your title, which means we will hold on to your title until you totally repay the loan.

We have loan terms from 24 to 36 months and we have no pre-payment penalties, you can always repay the loan much earlier if you prefer to do so, with no extra fees or unpaid interest added on! When you have paid back your loan, we will return the title of your car to you immediately.

If you live in California, your vehicle should be valued at least $4,000 to stand a chance, while New Mexico and Arizona residents can apply with a vehicle worth $2,000 or more.

The amount of money we do give out as loans vary, this depends on your state of residence, the residents of California are able to receive loans from $2,600 to $50,000, while Arizona and New Mexico residents can receive a loan amount of a minimum of $1,000.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Our Title Loans:

To secure a title loan with us, simply follow these three simple steps:

  1. Fill out an Application

Our application can be completed in a few seconds! To make it convenient for you, we have 3 different ways you can use to apply:

Online: Submit an online application form and we will reach you in just 15 minutes with an approval notice.

Phone: Call us to apply with a loan agent directly.

Chat: Apply through Live Chat with a loan agent.

  1. Prepare Your Documents

After you complete and submit your application we suggest having these documents ready. Having these documents prepared will help us get you your money in time:

Vehicle’s title (pink slip)

Proof of insurance coverage

Driver’s License

Proof of residency (utility bill)

Proof of monthly income

List of 6 referees,( 1 being a family member)

  1. Pick Up Your Money!

This depends on how we can quickly work with you to submit your necessary documents; you can pick up your check within just 1 hour! Always have it in mind that it is never our tradition to supervise how you spend your money. You have the freedom to spend your money as you like!

Contact Us Today

In case you still have questions regarding our car title loans? Kindly check out our FAQ! Our customer service team will be willing and eager to assist you through the title loan process.

Call us today for assistance. You will be glad you did.